Hi, my name’s Jordan. I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’m not one to brag, but I’m 28 years old, and currently live in a home with an inground pool with my Fiancee. I wasn’t able to afford my own home at 25 without hard work, dedication and lots of trial and error.

I created this blog after spending hundreds of hours reading, purchasing and performing online business tactics I would see online. Whether it was Instagram or YouTube, I was bombarded with entrepreneurs claiming to have “found the winning method”. They’re either standing in their garage, or next to their Ferrari. This tactic works on some, but not me.

I always go into a new “money making” method with doubt and uncertainty. I would read online about these methods, but could never find a straight answer. Either the reviewer is sponsored by the program or doesn’t take a clear position on their review.

I took it upon myself to spend my money and completely immerse myself into the “money making” method to be as certain that it wasn’t me that was at fault, but the system. Through this journey I found a lot of methods to work, with others being more difficult to learn. Nonetheless, I will provide you with true, in-depth reviews including quick summaries and detailed reports.

On top of this, I will ensure I dedicate myself to your success. If you have any questions about anything, please reach out to me directly.

Anyways… enough about me, lets hear about you!

It brings me great pleasure to watch you succeed. I’ve spent far too many hours getting taken advantage of and refuse to give money to businesses that don’t deserve it. I’m delivering you real, detailed reviews. That’s a promise.

Jordan D.

your coach, theonlineincomeblog.com

I'm happy to help.

I'd love to provide you support and hear your journey. Just create a Wealthy Affiliate account and we'll chat there! - Jordan

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