Are You Struggling With Affiliate Marketing? Let’s Fix it.

Are your struggling with Affiliate Marketing? Are you not making enough sales? Are you not attracting enough traffic to your website? Is Google not ranking your website on Page 1?

I’m going to help you fix this. So get comfortable, because you’re going to need to read this.

If you still have questions after reading my advice, please reach out to me directly. I’d be happy to help.

Here's What we'll be covering:

What am I doing wrong?

We became affiliate marketers because we wanted another source of income to provide for our family. We were willing to put the time and the effort to create a strong affiliate marketing website and brand. However, we quickly realized… it’s not that simple.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I didn’t know what I was doing. After putting hundreds of hours into my website, I wasn’t getting the return I was looking for. I assumed it would be easy. Build a website and put affiliate products all over it and watch the money flow in.

There would be days where I was frustrated. I was angry and tired knowing all my hard work was wasted.

I even deleted my website… Until a day later, I contacted my host provider to restore it.

I gave up, but I came back. After reading tip after tip and advice after advice. I made sure to listen to other affiliate marketers who were proven success stories and I started noticing a trend… I would mimic their movements and apply their techniques. That is when I noticed changes!

If you stumbled on this guide, consider yourself lucky. Because I’m going to tell you everything I learned and applied that made me successful.

Don’t stress, because we can fix this.

Without knowing your situation, it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re doing wrong, but I can probably assume it’s because you’re not following the same techniques that I’m doing. Let’s jump right in.

How Can I Improve?

There’s no such thing as being perfect. We all know this; however, there’s one thing we can all agree on. There’s always room to improve.

So let’s improve. Follow my advice and I can assure you you’ll see improvements.

Let’s look at each recommendation in-detail below. These are the same recommendations that made me successful. When it comes to affiliate marketing, I make sure to live by them.

Choose a Niche you're passionate in

Being passionate in your niche will make a world of a difference. There’s a saying that if you enjoy your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Make sure you’re passionate in the niche you’ve chosen, or else it will feel like a long and dreadful job. I love the niche I chose and don’t mind writing about it.

If you’re writing 1,000 to 3,000 word blogs or making 10-20 minute videos, it’s going to be difficult to stay motivated if you’re not passionate around it.

Stop and think about the niche you chose and whether it’s right for you.

Set Real goals

It’s critical to set real goals. A lot of beginners I knew set goals that didn’t make sense. Some goals were “make $500 commission” or “attract 5,000 website visitors”.

Don’t do this. Instead set goals that are actionable. For instance, set goals like:

  • Write a 2,000 word blog
  • Add 4 new locations for my products
  • Upload 3 videos on YouTube that are 10 minutes or more

These type of goals hold you accountable. You are the reason to succeed. No one else. This gives you a clear action plan that encourages you to see it through.

Choose More Attractive Products

Affiliate Marketers tend to promote products that pay out high commissions, because when the sales happen, they’ll earn a lot! BUT what they forget is that sometimes, the higher the commission, the harder it is to make a sale. Some companies are willing to pay 60% commissions because products don’t sell often. Companies that offer 4-9% are probably hot demand products.

Don’t fall into that “high commission” trap, because it’s likely that you’re promoting shitty products. Make sure the affiliate products your promoting aren’t garbage. The website should look trustworthy, the sales pitch should be honest and the price should be reasonable.

I was attracting A LOT of people to my website, but people weren’t buying my affiliate offers because it turned out… I was promoting sketchy and hard to sell products.

Stop. Take a minute and really ask yourself… “would I buy this?”. If the answer’s no, then go back to the drawing board and choose more attractive affiliate products.

Put your offers in different locations across your website

Persistence is key, but don’t over do it. Putting hyperlinks to buy your products work, but having them appear more often throughout your website helps.

Offers products by using different techniques. Make one link a button, with the other a hyperlink and the other a banner ad. This will drastically increase the chances of someone clicking your offer.

Think about it. If you see an ad, you’ll move on, you’ll continue scrolling and bam, it’s there again, so you ignore it and move on. You’ll get to the bottom of the page and there it is again! In your face, so you get curious and you click it! Having the offer appear 3 times finally got you to click it.

Persistence is important. Diversify the locations where you’ll put your offers.

Set a Schedule and Stick to it

The most successful entrepreneurs didn’t get to where they are because they worked on their dreams “whenever they had time”. They set a schedule, and stuck to it. They put in the time and effort into their practice.

That’s why you should do the same. You shouldn’t be treating affiliate marketing like a hobby. It should be your profession. Therefore, it deserves your time and attention.

Set a schedule that is reasonable and achievable for your current situation. Hold yourself accountable.

When I first created my website, I was working 40 hour work weeks. I made sure to set time aside on weeknights and weekends to build up my content. Trust me, I would have preferred to be hanging out my friends, playing sports or watching my favourite TV show, but I promised myself to be successful.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Having a comfortable working environment is important. You don’t want to sit on your bed creating content all day.

If you want to remain focused, it’s critical to have a comfortable atmosphere. Whether it be coffee nearby, a standing desk, a large computer monitor. Make sure you’re comfortable and enjoy where you are.

Stay Focused

Make sure you’re running on a single track. Don’t fall into the trap of buying all these training programs that throw your focus all over the place.

Understand that affiliate marketing has a simple process. Don’t get sold on all these programs that educate you in SEO, CPC, PPC, Email Marketing etc.

Make sure you have a clear roadmap to get you to your final destination. Understand that having a clear mind can help you reach success.

It was only until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate that I started learning true, valuable knowledge that helped me achieve success.

Test, Measure and Track

Knowledge is power. It’s important to have Google Analytics set up for your website so you can track and measure your website performance.

It’s critical to see the type of people visiting your website, the country they’re coming from, the pages their visiting and the time they’re spending on these pages.

Understanding this information can help you make informed decisions to make enhancements to your website.

If one page is out performing the rest, take the time to understand why that page is doing so well. Try and mimic it to your other pages. See if it makes a difference.

Be Patient

Similar to starting a small business, money doesn’t come in right away. You must be patient, and if you aren’t, learn to be.

Continue business as usual. Keep writing high quality content, keep updating your website, and continue working on yourself.

Eventually, your hard work will pay off. Your content will start appearing on search engines, you will start attracting website visitors, and your name/brand will become recognizable.

It just takes time.

What are your struggles?

What issues have you encountered and how did you correct them? What is your biggest problem with Affiliate Marketing? Do you have any advice to provide my readers?


I’m happy to help. If you need help applying some of these recommendations or just need advice, feel free to reach out me.

It can be about affiliate commissions, selecting attractive products, or future plans, there’s no such thing as a bad question.

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