Is Market Hero a Scam or Legit? An in-Depth Review

Last Updated: 4/25/2019

Market Hero

Automated Email Marketing Platform
Marketing Type:
Email Marketing, Lead Generation
$19, $49, $99, $129 or $299


MarketHero is a standalone email marketing platform that was started by tech and nutrition entrepreneur Alex Becker.
Similar to other email services like MailChimp, MarketHero lets you design forms, send emails and create marketing automations. While the competition focuses on open and click-through rates, MarketHero aims to be different by focusing on converting your leads into revenue.
Alex claims his platform is the “worlds best revenue-centric autoresponder”.


overall - [33%]
training - [12%]
EASE OF USE - [31%]


Segment Customers
Sales Funnels
Simple User-Friendly Design
A/B Testing


Weak Training Courses
Buggy Software
Sketchy Refund Policy
Useless Tech Support

I’ve created a detailed review below outlining my personal experience with this method.

If you still have questions after the review, please reach out to me directly.

Here's What we'll be covering:

What is Market Hero?

MarketHero is a standalone email marketing platform that was created by tech and nutrition entrepreneur Alex Becker. Alex has founded many 7-figure companies with his two most recent being Spekter Labs and Market Hero.

Market Hero can be compared to other email platforms like MailChimp and ConstantContact. Similar to the others, MarketHero lets you design forms, send emails and create marketing automations.

What makes Market Hero different? Their platform focuses on converting your leads into revenue while the other platforms focus on open and click-through rates. Alex claims his platform is the “worlds best revenue-centric autoresponder”.

How does Market Hero Work?

Market Hero works through four main components; coming soon. I will be explaining each component more in detail below.

Coming soon

Coming soon.

Who is Market Hero For?

Market Hero is for anyone who has an established (or is establishing) an online business. You should already have a list of business leads or customers, because Market Hero can help you grow, store and advertise to your clients to eventually convert them into customers.

Its also important to note that Market Hero is best suited for individuals currently earning income online.

It’s not recommended you use this platform if you’re new to starting an online business or haven’t generated any income. I would suggest you wait until your business is a little bigger before jumping into a platform like this.

Common Complaints

You’ve read a lot of my experience and opinions of this program. I think it’s fair to scan the internet and see what other people are saying.

Here are the most common complaints for the Market Hero platform.

Software Bugs
Over promised, but under delivered. Market Hero has some serious flaws when it comes to its software. Some of the issues reported are:

  • Broken links (404 pages) provided by Market Hero
  • Form templates not working in preview mode
  • Automation menus appearing off screen
  • Tags not recognized throughout the platform
  • Imported leads not appearing until 20-30 minutes
  • Many other minor issues

On top of all this, Tech Support claims they will respond to these issues within 24-48 hours but never correct anything.

No Refund Policy?
After reading countless reviews of this program, many people are reporting that cancelling your subscription is not an easy task.

They claim to have a 30-day money back guarantee, but what they don’t tell you is the process involved in getting your money back. After 2-3 weeks of back and forth with Support, they’ll send you a 10 page document with an extensive amount of required tasks. Some of these tasks will ask for screenshots of your courses, your current progress, and your store.

The funny thing is, once you cancel your subscription, you’ll be removed from your course and your store will be closed, so you won’t have access to take these “screenshots”. Its essentially a loop hole to have you give up the back and forth emails to get your money back. It’s a smart, but unethical tactic.

The Training
The educational videos tend be long-winded that don’t provide much value. The premise of the program speaks heavily on owning a website, yet they don’t have a course on “building a website”. The training Market Hero provides assumes the listeners are expert or advanced level professionals, which they shouldn’t. Having introductory courses that train people from the beginner level is critical.

My Conclusion

Market Hero’s simple and user-friendly design sold me into trying the program, but I was somewhat disappointed by the bugginess, customer support and training courses of the platform.

Market Hero has some potential, but I would only consider using it if they revamped their customer support team, corrected ALL their software issues and bulked up their training courses.

With all of this corrected (which I doubt they will) Market Hero wouldn’t be bad if you utilized it’s sales focus capabilities.

As it stands today, I would not recommend Market Hero as I know of two alternatives (MailChimp & ActiveCampaign) that provide much more value…. and also have a responsive and helpful customer support team.

Don’t worry though, because there are many more legitimate ways to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. It’s my #1 choice for making real, online income. Although it’s different than Market Hero, it offers a new route of generating income.

See my review on Wealthy Affiliate below.

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