Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam or Legit? An In-Depth Review

Last Updated: 4/19/2019

Six Figure Mentors

Digital Business & Training Website
Marketing Type:
Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
$97/month, up to $30,000 add-ons


The Six Figure Mentors is an online business training program led by multi-millionaire business owners Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek.

The Six Figure Mentors claim to have the training, tools, resources and community to help speed up your success and build your dream business online; however, the training is slow, dragged out and misses a lot of important aspects.

The Six Figure Mentors tries to prepare you for running a successful online business, but falls flat. Save your time and avoid this method as you can get better value elsewhere.


overall - [28%]
training - [15%]
EASE OF USE - [34%]


Ready-made Affiliate Pages & Links
Built-In Analytic Tracking


Below-Average Training
Pyramid-Scheme Mentality
Lots of Upsells

 I’ve created a detailed review below outlining my personal experience with this method.

If you still have questions after the review, please reach out to me directly.

Here's What we'll be covering:

What is six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is an online training program that teaches you to ‘think smarter, not harder’ and promotes the lifestyle of living lavishly and working from anywhere in the world.

The program provides the following services:

  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Personal Consultant
  • Private Community Access
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Live Events

The SFM training program claims to make it easy to start or grow an online business in the comfort of your own home. Their education modules are designed to be short and informative. They also include support from their online community platform as well as their experienced business experts.

At each step of the training, they claim you’ll get the guidance, education and tools to grow your online business, giving you the tools to start making money online.

How does Six Figure Mentors Work?

Six Figure Mentors teach you methods of making money online. When you first start, you have two routes to select: Existing Business Owner or New to Online Business.

They focus primarily on the marketing technique “Affiliate Marketing” where you promote and sell other peoples products. You earn a commission from each product you help sell.

One of the ways they tell you how to make money is by following these steps:

  1. Create a webpage with an offer (call to action)

  2. Bring people to your webpage

  3. Get the emails from these visitors

  4. Send affiliate offers to your email lists

  5. Make lots of money!!!

But HOLD ON….. It’s not that easy. Sure this is a proven method that is widely used among successful entrepreneurs. The problem is… you have to ask yourself these questions first.

– How will you attract people to your webpages?
– How will you obtain these email addresses?
– How will you generate sales from this list?

These are not easy questions to answer. SFM doesn’t tell you the difficulty of answering the above 3 questions.

What SFM wants you to do is fall into the trap of spending more money on their add-ons to drive traffic or eventually promote their products.

The Training

Six Figure Mentors offers courses that I find to be below-average.

The majority of the courses are training you on how to promote and sell the Six Figure Mentor program. You will be trained and educated on how to make commission for selling their program to unsuspecting customers. Similar to a pyramid-scheme right? The more people you get, the more money you make.

I find it to be very limiting. The training modules are designed to hold you back on the real tangible knowledge. You’ll become an expert on how to sell their program.. but that’s it.

If you want to learn more and obtain some decent knowledge, you’ll have to upgrade to the more expensive membership. See memberships and pricing below.


The Basic Membership is $297 up front plus $97 per month.

With this membership, you’ll have access to 85% of the programs full capabilities. You will also be considered a member with full access to the lounge and all SFM modules.

You’ll have full access to weekly live webinars and your own personal senior business coach. You’ll also be taught how to setup website landing pages with a built-in auto responder email system. All that’s required is to generate income..

The training modules I found to be below-average. They are broad and aren’t detailed enough to fully absorb the industries true potential.

But don’t worry, because the senior business coach is there to help you. He’s not too happy with your performance and suggests you upgrade to become a SFM affiliate. That’s where you can make “big” money.

You’re beaten down and confused on why your website isn’t making the big money.. so you get swindled into upgrading into the

The Elite Membership is $2,500 per year plus $97 per month.

With this membership, you’ll have access to the live coaching by the CEO’s themselves, Stuart and Jay. Now that you’re an elite member, you’ll qualify for the higher Affiliate Commissions of 40%. Now you’re excited because for every lead you bring SFM, you’ll earn 40% off every sale.

Let’s pause for a moment and understand what you bought…. you spent your hard earned cash for the opportunity to sell their program. Bullshit right? Exactly.

And ontop of that, you bought yourself into the ‘Digital Experts Academy‘. What is this useless academy? Well it’s training on how to sell their program. You get the live mentoring, and resources you need to sell this platform.

Some people including myself would call this a pyramid-scheme.

What’s common for these “multi-level-marketing” programs is that they will continue to push you new services and add-ons to upgrade their platform. The Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black are ridiculously priced with the Black package setting you back a total of $30.000.

Who is Six Figure Mentors For?

Six Figure Mentors is for the person who has lots of dispensable money that is willing to learn below-average training modules and is OK to spend more money on upgrades and paid advertising.

But hey, after all that… you’ll eventually starting earning money online…But how much did you spend to get there?

Common Complaints

As you read my review, you’re probably thinking… thanks, but that’s your opinion. This is true, but that’s why I scanned the internet and pulled up the most common complaints for the Six Figure Mentors.

‘The Laptop Lifestyle’ Free Video Series
For just an email address, you can have access to a free video series. This email is a technique to “bait” you in. They’ll spam your email address with exclusive offers and tools that encourage you to get “full access”. The best of this all? The value of these videos are minimal.

Pushing the Elite Membership on you
With the basic membership, you’re essentially getting poor quality training modules aimed to purposely hold you back. I’m convinced they built the Basic membership to make you feel like you’re worthless.

You feel like somethings missing, but you’re unsure why… I’ll tell you why, it’s because they aren’t telling you everything you need to know. They hold the Elite membership over your head like it’s the almighty program that will make you millions.

You have to Pay thousands to sell their Program
The affiliate marketing industry is NOT like they paint it out to be. You DO NOT have to pay money for the privilege to sell their products. This makes me feel like it’s a pyramid-scheme mentality.

“You want to sell a product and make money? Sure, pay $2,500 and more to get trained and equipped to make even more!”

Between you and I… you’ll never make that money back.

The Cost
Pffft… absurd. From $297 to upwards of $30,000. How can these people sleep at night knowing they’ve scammed people having them believe a false hope.

My Conclusion

I’ll make it short and sweet… save your money and avoid this method. You can get better training and advice on YouTube for free. Seriously.

Don’t worry though, because there are many more legitimate ways to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. It’s my #1 choice for making real, online income.

See my review on Wealthy Affiliate below.

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