Is Tai Lopez’s Amazon Sales Blueprint a Scam or Legit? An In-Depth Review

Last Updated: 8/28/2019

Tai Lopez’s Amazon Sales Blueprint

Selling on Amazon Training Program
Marketing Type:
e-Commerce Online Course
$29 for 10-day Program or $497 for 4-month Program


Tai Lopez is a multi-millionaire investor and influencer that is globally known with the help of his YouTube advertisements.

Tai’s program “Amazon Sales Blueprint” is a full-suite training course that teaches you how to make a living selling through the Amazon platform.

The training courses consist of videos that walk you through each step of making money online through Amazon. This includes the step of setting up an online store, to understanding Amazon’s strict rules, and of course the process of actually earning money.

The training courses cover 5 main topics:

  • How to select a high performing niche
  • How to research and locate profitable products
  • How to sell your product quicker on Amazon
  • How generate customers to your Amazon products
  • How to scale or grow your Amazon brand

Overall, Tai’s program is educating people on the concept of making money online using Amazon. The success of this money method all depends on you.


overall - [81%]
training - [84%]
EASE OF USE - [64%]


Proven Business Model
Good Value for Money
Expert Advice
Community Access


Hidden Start-Up Costs
Not for Beginners
Learning Curve

Still unsure about Tai Lopez’ Amazon Sales Blueprint? No problem. I’ve created a detailed review below outlining my personal experience with this method.

If you still have questions after the review, please reach out to me directly.

Here's What we'll be covering:

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an online entrepeneur who first gained popularity through his YouTube ads where he appeared in his garage promoting his products.

Tai Lopez is a hit or miss for some people as you can either like him or hate him. Some people don’t like him because he’s known for showing off and bragging about his riches and the women he hangs out with.

With that aside, There’s no denying that Tai is very successful and very rich. He’s an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

He has experienced what it’s like to hustle and work hard. If there’s anyone who should teach you how to be successful, it should probably be him. He’s also been featured in popular websites like and

Tai shares his advice on past mistakes, lessons learned and tips to achieve maximum business efficiency. He has created dozens of online programs that cover a wide array of topics and is continuously updating his courses.

What is Amazon Sales Blueprint?

Amazon Sales Blueprint is a training course created by Tai Lopez and a few of his associates.

His most recent venture, Amazon Sales Blueprint, contains information that he insists will help you make a substantial income through drop shipping, or selling merchandise without the hassle of having to have it on hand or ship it yourself. He brought in 10 experts to help build these courses. Each expert has their own successful experience as an seller. Lopez’s Blueprint offers advise on how to build your own successful business by partnering with as a seller.

The training courses consist of videos that walk you through each step of making money online through Amazon. This includes the step of setting up an online store, to understanding Amazon’s strict rules, and of course the process of actually earning money.

The training courses cover 5 main topics:

  • How to select a high performing niche
  • How to research and locate profitable products
  • How to sell your product quicker on Amazon
  • How generate customers to your Amazon products
  • How to scale or grow your Amazon brand

The Amazon Sales Blueprint has 2 buying options. You can buy the Quick Start Program, which is a 10-day basic training for beginners. You could also buy the full program, which goes deeper into the process and takes 4 months to get through. Of course, you will receive more detailed and in-depth information from the full program. However, the 10-day crash course offers a solid amount of information targeted towards beginners.

If you are just starting out in the business, the Quick Start Program is probably enough to get you started. If you already know a little about the process and are looking to take your business further, the full program may be a better option for you.

How does Amazon Sales Blueprint Work?

The Amazon Sales Blueprint claims to provide you with the information you need in order to build your own business by partnering with Lopez claims that, with his program, you should be able to create a monthly income of $1,000 – $10,000 per month.

The program comes equipped with videos and additional learning tools created by Lopez and his associate Amazon experts. Throughout the course of the training program, Lopez and associates share their successes as well as their mistakes. They allow you the opportunity to learn from their previous mistakes and provide tips and advise in how to truly be successful in your venture.

Lopez explains the basics. How do you even begin to become an Amazon seller? What products should you sell? How will you ship the products? Lopez answers all of these questions and more. You will learn everything you need to know in order to get started and maintain.

Selling on Amazon sounds like an easy task. However, if you are looking to build a steady income from it, it can be quite complicated. It isn’t the same as selling an old pair of shoes on eBay. There are many components involved.

Lopez breaks his program down into parts, correlating with the 4 basic questions you should have when getting started. This breakdown provides guidance on now only how to start your business, but how to maintain a steady income through partnering with Amazon.

Let’s take a deeper look into each course.

  • How to Research and Easily Locate Profitable Product and Niches That Will Sell Well in Amazon
  • How to Actually Get the Product to Sell in Your Amazon Marketplace
  • How to Generate Interested Visitors to Your Amazon Products and Products Page
  • How to Scale or Grow Your Brand to Make More Money with The Products You Are Selling

Research & Select a Profitable Product/Niche

The first course educates you on how to find and research a niche. You’re taught the importance of this skill and how it’s critical to become successful selling on Amazon.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a niche is defined as “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.” Essentially, it’s choosing a specific area you’re looking to focus on.

In regards to the level of detail, Tai goes deep into the process, including the steps involved to find a profitable product. He’ll recommend third-party applications (some free & paid) that can assist you in your search.

Get Your Product to Sell

The second course is pretty self explanatory. Tai teaches you methods on how to get your product to sell on Amazon.

Attract Interested Visitors

The third course is actually pretty clever. Tai teaches you methods on how to attract potential shoppers to your products using keywords and other unique tactics.

Scale & Grow your Brand

The fourth course is around marketing, branding and communication techniques. Tai teaches you methods on how to scale and grow your store. He goes into detail of the techniques you should use.

Access to Private Member Group

You will become a ‘member’, which gives you access to a private group on Facebook. This perk provides opportunity for conversations with Lopez, his associates, and other users of his program. It is a great place to network, discuss your progress, and any specific questions you may have.


The price isn’t that bad! For the basic course, you only pay $29. For the full program, you pay $497. This amount can be broken up into 3 installments. The price of the full program is obviously much steeper than the basic package, but you gain the benefit of learning from actual experts who have been successful in what they are teaching.

The price is also comparable to that of a semester course at a college, where your professor may only have textbook knowledge and not actual first-hand experiences.

The program also comes with a money-back guarantee. This policy covers the first 30 days after your purchase. If you are in any way unhappy with the program, you can get your money back in FULL.

Who is amazon Sales Blueprint For?

Amazon Sales Blueprint is for the individual who is willing to put the time and energy in starting an online store on Amazon. You must be willing to work with manufacturers across seas, have them ship these products to Amazon, and then have them shipped from Amazon to your consumer.

This will require hours of research, time and trial and error to find the right product that generates enough profit to outweigh the time and effort you’ve put in. Along the way you will create manufacturer connections, spend lots of money and learn to identify hot products from low value products.

This is definitely not a get-rich quick scheme. You will be spending lots of hours into this…BUT the profits can be enormous. It’s up to you to decide.

My Conclusion

First thing is first. It is NOT a scam. That’s the most important question.

While no one can predict your ultimate results or the income you will create from this product, the material presented here is valid and has been proven to work for others, including those who created it.

The only disadvantage that comes to mind is the start-up costs associated with building your own online store. But that is going to be the case with any new business venture.

There will also be costs associated with finding products to sell. If you are new to the game, you likely won’t have a partnership with a third party just yet. Dropshipping, partnering with a third party merchandiser, cuts down on your out of pocket costs associated with selling. But it will take time to find and establish this type of relationship.

Whether you are considering taking the 10-day crash course or diving all in to the 4-month full program, you are probably getting the equivalent to a college level course, but taught by those with personal experience.

If you are still hesitant, I suggest checking out the Quick Start Program. It is only $29. If you feel it isn’t for you, you’ve spent less than $30 and you can get it back with the 30-day money back guarantee.

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