20 REAL Ways to Make Money Online (2020 Guide)

Are you looking to make money online? Well you’re in luck because you’ve stumbled across my ultimate guide on how to make money online.

Over the past 10 years, I have come across many methods, scams and programs that promised me success and millions of dollars; You’ll be happy to hear that I am ONLY including those methods that are trustworthy and legitimate.

With this guide, you will learn all 20 ways of how to make money online in the comfort of your own home. We’ll cover methods that are relatively easy to some being extremely difficult. After you read this guide, you’ll be well educated and informed to make a decision on the path you want to take. The best part? It’s 100% free.

You may be asking “why did I create this guide”? I created it because when I was first getting started as an online entrepreneur, I didn’t have a resource that gave me all the money making methods in a clean and easy manner. That’s why I’m creating one.

If you have any questions when reading this guide, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I’d be happy to help.

Let’s jump right in:

Last Updated: September 12, 2019

#1 - Build a website or Blog (using Affiliate Marketing)

My number one way of making money online is by building a website (or blog) about a specific topic (aka Niche). You would earn money through a marketing technique called “affiliate marketing”. We’ll explain this more below.

The step in creating a website or blog is to choose a niche. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s defined as “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.” Essentially, it’s choosing a specific area you’re looking to focus on.

Once you choose a specific niche, you would build a website around it. You must live and breath this niche and be comfortable in writing content (lots of it!) around this topic.

You choose the fitness niche. You build a website around your niche fitness. You create a brand “365 Fitness” and buy a URL “www.365fitness.com”. You write content about fitness. Some content could be “10 ways to stay in shape” and “how to lose belly fat with 3 easy workouts”.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking… how do I make money? Well, this is where affiliate marketing comes in to play.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other peoples (or Companys) products.

You partner with a company, promote their product and earn a commission for that product. For example, let’s say I partner with Nike. I will promote their shoes all over my website. When customers click the link from my website and purchase the product, Nike will give me a commission for that sale.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing works all through URL tracking involving the use of cookies and internet history.

So… how does Nike know the customers came from my website? Simple.
They give me my own unique URL. For instance the regular URL will be www.nike.com/shoexample, but my unique URL will be www.nike.com/shoexample=source-user32287. I’m user 32287. It’s all tracked through cookies and browser history.

When you become an “affiliate” for these companies, they will educate and equip you with everything you need. When I sign up to become an affiliate with Nike, Nike will email me my own login and password where I can access my commission reports, unique URLs, sales forecasts and product discounts.

Sounds simple right? It is.

The only thing you need to worry about is attracting these people to buy your affiliate products. We’ll explain this more below.

Ok, so now that you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, let’s go back to our example and insert the money making method.

You choose the fitness niche. You build a website around your niche fitness. You create a brand “365 Fitness” and buy a URL “www.365fitness.com”. You write content about fitness. Some content could be “10 ways to stay in shape” and “how to lose belly fat with 3 easy workouts”. You partner with 3-4 companies and insert these products all around your website. For each sale you make, you will earn a commission.

Now you’re probably thinking, how do I get people to my website to make these sales? The answer is content. Write LOTS of it. Write blogs about your topic, I would recommend 200-250 blogs (This part is not easy and usually when people give up). This is when Google will start pulling your content and putting it in their search results. So if someone searches “lose belly fat” your website will appear in the search results.

[ Interested in this path? Read more here ]

#2 - Sell Products on Amazon (using Amazon FBA)

My second best way of making money online is by selling physical products on Amazon using the Amazon FBA service. What I like about this technique is that the earning potential is unlimited. You hear of many young teenagers becoming millionaires within their first year of doing this. It’s all about finding the right product that will sell.

What’s also great about this method, is that you won’t need to hold any products in your house. Amazon offers a service called “Amazon FBA”, which stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. With Fulfillment by Amazon, you store your products in Amazon’s warehouses, and they will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Your products will also be eligible for the 2-day shipping option since it’s shipped from Amazon.

FBA is a great way to scale and grow your business to reach more customers. All you need to do is find and purchase the product from a manufacturer (most likely from China) and have them ship your products straight to Amazon.

You research and find a product that is in hot demand. You find a manufacturer in China that can make the products for $1.50 each. You register and open a store on Amazon. You sign up for Amazon FBA. You order 5,000 products from the manufacturer and have them ship the products straight to Amazon. You list the products on your Amazon store for $10.00 each and sit back and wait for sales. When you make a sale, Amazon will do all the work by picking, packing and shipping your product for you.

What’s important to know is that there are a lot of upfront costs with this method. You will pay a monthly fee for Amazon FBA service, pay for the products you order from the manufacturer, pay to have an Amazon store and possibly advertising costs to sell your products.

You can earn A LOT of money if you do this method right… but watch out because there are a lot fake success stories of internet entrepreneurs claiming they’ve made $250,000 in sales. What they’re not telling you is that spent $240,000 in products and fees. Which only equals $10,000 in PROFITS.

#3 - Sell Your unique Products (Physical/Digital)

Are you talented with your hands or on a computer? Are you willing to put in hours of labour? If so, this method could be right for you.

In order to pursue this path, you must have a marketable or hands-on skill in which you can use to create unique products. People are always looking for online templates or unique crafty items. It’s important to know that you must be willing to put in your time to create these products.

There are a number of websites that provide a marketplace for people to sell their creative physical or digital products.

Creative Digital Skills:
If you have marketing skills like graphic design, web development and illustration, these marketplaces are great to open an online store to market and sell your digital products on.

  • EnvatoMarket: Is the largest online marketplace for buying digital products like web themes, code, audio, 3d graphics and photos.
  • CreativeMarket: Is one the largest online marketplace for buying digital products like graphic design templates, web themes, fonts and abstract photos.

Hands-on Skills:
If you make handmade or crafty products, these marketplaces are great to open an online store to market and sell your products on.

  • Etsy: Is the largest online marketplace for unique crafts and hand-made items.
  • ArtFire: Is the second largest online marketplace for unique crafts and hand-made items.

#4 - Sell Your Knowledge

Do you feel like you could educate or coach people? Are you well educated in a specific field? If so, this method could be right for you.

In order to pursue this path, you must be well educated in a field that attracts consumer interest. You must also be willing to dedicate yourself in helping others as you will be coaching or educating with your knowledge.

There are a number of websites in which you can create educational lessons, and programs that you charge a fee for. You can also just offer yourself as an online coach willing to provide advice and guidance on.

Coaching Skills:
If your are well educated in a specific field like physiotherapy, fitness, mental health, addiction, writing or marketing, these marketplaces are great to sell your advice or provide coaching on. People have also made a living teaching languages online.
  • Coach.me: Is an online marketplace for customers looking for writing, addiction, diet, productivity and fitness advice.
  • Clarity.fm: Is an online marketplace for customers looking for business or start-up advice/coaching.
  • Savvy.is: Is an online marketplace for customers looking for a wide range of advice/coaching including business, music, coding, arts language and anything in between.
Teaching Skills:
If your are well educated in a specific field and are willing to create lessons and educational courses around them, these marketplaces are great to sell your educational programs on.
  • Udemy: is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 courses and 24 million students.
  • Skillshare: is a learning platform with online classes taught by online practitioners. Students get personalized, on-demand learning in design, photography, and much more.

#5 - Sell Your Time

Do you have a lot of free time? Are you looking to NOT work very hard? If so, this method could be right for you.

Giving your time to companies can earn you some side cash. There are thousands of websites that are willing to pay you to test websites, fill out surveys, play games, watch videos and answer questions.

If you have free time, why not try out some of these websites below and start earning some money!

  • Swagbucks: Earn free gift cards when you shop online, watch videos, take surveys, and discover deals and promo codes. They’ve paid over $150 Million to members!
  • Qmee: Earn real cash when you take surveys, shop and search the internet. Qmee will pay you to share your opinion and provide feedback on certain tasks.
  • SurveyJunkie: Similar to the other two, SurveyJunkie pays members cash and rewards for sharing their thoughts.

#6 - Sell Your Services (Freelance)

Do you have skills that people are looking for? Do you want to work for multiple clients? Do you want to be your own boss? If so, this method could be right for you.

There are thousands of people right now who are making a living doing freelance work for people. Whether it’s website design, content writing or animation design, freelancing is a great money making method.

In order to be successful, you must first have a skill that people are looking for. There should also be a large client base for you to target so you never run out of jobs.

So, how do we find these customers? Fortunately for you, there are a number of websites that offer a marketplace where you can sell your services. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

  • FlexJobs: Find the best remote, part-time, freelance, and other flexible jobs in 50+ career categories, all hand-screened for legitimacy. 
  • SolidGigs: ​Similar to Flexjobs, they find and send you hand-picked and tailored freelance work straight to you.
  • Contena: Finds and send you freelance and remote jobs aimed for writers, editors and content creators.
  • Fivver: Is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for businesses to focus on growth and create successful businesses with prices that start at $5.
  • Upwork: Is the largest and most trusted freelancer site; however, the competition is tough as it’s filled with oversea competitors.

#7 - Sell Your Vocals

Are you comfortable hearing your own voice? Do you articulate your words well? If so, this method could be right for you.

Imagine waking up everyday and getting paid for speaking into a microphone. Well, believe it, because there are people right now making a living doing this.

There are a number of websites where you can sell your voice on and start earning income. Let’s take a look at them below.

  • Voices: A large marketplace for voice acting jobs. Register as a voice actor and bid for upcoming jobs.
  • TheVoiceRealm: Another large marketplace of voice acting jobs. Although the website is ugly and not very user friendly, it’s legitimate.
  • Fivver: Is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace. Voice acting is a category where you can sell your voice acting skills.

#8 - Sell Your Photography

Do you have a passion for photography? Do you have the eye for taking good photos? If so, this method could be right for you.

There are a number of stock photography websites that are willing you pay you for your photos. Whether your photos are of buildings, parks or people.. stock photo websites will buy anything they like! So, it’s a great way to earn some extra income.

Here are a few stock photo websites:

  • Shutterstock: is one of the largest providers of stock photography and stock footage.
  • IStockPhoto: is another large provider of stock photography and stock footage.

#9 - Rent your personal assets

Do you trust people? Are you comfortable with people borrowing your items? If so, this method could be right for you.

There are a number of ways to make money online renting your personal assets. Whether it’s your car, house or camera gear, you can rent out these items and start earning income.

Here a few websites in which you can rent your personal items:

  • Loanables: One of the largest marketplaces for all kinds of rentals including tables, chairs, inflatables, catering equipment and more.
  • AirBnb: Rent your house or room on the world’s largest marketplace for location rentals.
  • Turo: Rent your car to people. (Don’t worry because all drivers are prescreened and Turo offers 1 million dollars insurance coverage).
  • KitSplit: Rent your camera gear including cameras, lenses, drones, etc on the largest camera rental marketplace.

#10 - Create a YouTube Channel

Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Are you willing to film and edit your own videos? Are you OK to not see results for a little while? If so, this method could be right for you.

You may be thinking… is YouTube still a great place to make money online? The answer is yes. Even though they’ve recently tightened up their rules and policies on their monetization plan, making money on YouTube is still possible.

With over 1.9 billion active users online, YouTube is the third most-visited website in the world. It’s also the second largest search engine (from Google) with over 1 billion hours of videos watched every single day!

Creating a YouTube channel is very similar to creating a blog or website, except you’re producing videos instead of written content. There’s no real guidelines to creating a viral video as many YouTubers have just found “success” by accident doing what they love.

For instance, there are YouTube channels who just play with slime.. for 10 minutes straight. It’s a big hit because children love it and it’s satisfying to watch. Other people make a living breaking smartphones or electronics. Again, people like it because it’s satisfying.

The YouTube realm is hard to understand, so I don’t try to understand it. The first place to start is by visiting YouTube’s “Creator Academy” where they will educate and inform you on how to make money on their platform.

YouTube claims that the first step to making money on their platform is to build an engaged audience. But before you do this, you should think about what content you’ll be producing.

There are two main categories to choose when creating a channel.

  • Educational Content: YouTube is a great place to learn something new. It’s usually the first place people start when searching for a “How To” answer.
  • Entertainment: YouTube is also a great place for people to forget about their problems and be entertained. For some people, it has replaced television! Pranks, Comedy Sketches, Product Reviews, Video Games and Vlogs are a few ways to entertain people online.

The three most popular ways of earning money on YouTube are:

  1. Ads: Advertisements may start before your video begins (or in the middle). The more views on your video, the more money you’ll make.
  2. Merchandise: You sell branded clothing, hats, pens, etc.
  3. Affiliate/Sponsored Products: You work with companies to promote their products. You’ll get a special code/URL and for each sale you help make, you’ll earn a commission.

It’s important to note that whatever direction you choose, you must be advertiser-friendly and not promote violence, drugs or anything that might scare off potential advertisers from advertising on your videos.

It’s also important to know that before you can start making money on YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers or at least 4,000 hours of content watched.

#11 - transcribe audio and Interviews

Do you have patience? Are you comfortable with listening to the same audio over and over again? If so, this method could be right for you.

There are many professionals including doctors, lawyers, judges and teachers who record themselves speaking because they find it faster than writing. These professionals are willing to pay people to transcribe these audio recordings into written documents.

You can earn anywhere from $15 to $26 per hour depending on how fast you are and your educational background. Here are a few transcribing websites where you can find work:

  • TranscribeMe: A website where transcriptionists find work. They offer rates from $15-$22 per audio hour. Transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds in Medical & Legal are paid a higher rate.
  • Quicktate: Similar to TranscribeMe, you can sign up as a transcriptionist and find transcription jobs.

#12 - Provide loans to People Online (Legally)

Do you a lot of money laying around? Are you not satisfied with the interest rates your banks are offering you? If so, this method could be right for you.

Lending your money to people online is a viable business option. Earning interest on your loan can be a great way to make passive income and at the same time help people.

There are websites out there that remove the hassle and make the process very easy by matching your money with borrowers. You simply transfer your funds in the website and they’ll lend out your money in small portions to different borrowers across the internet. At the end of each month, you’ll earn interest on your loan.

It’s important to know that the money you make depends on the amount of money you loan. Here are some websites where you can loan your money to people:

  • Zopa: Is the first ever peer-to-peer lending company that gives you access to borrow and lend money online. You must be verified and approved before lending.
  • LendingLoop (Canada): Is another peer-to-peer lending company that gives you access to borrow and lend money online. They can help you earn a projected return of 5 – 8% per year*. You must be verified and approved before lending.

#13 - Sell Your music or sounds

Are you skilled in music production? Can you make music sounds and beats? If so, this method could be right for you.

There are websites online where you can sell your sounds, beats and music to customers. Prices for sounds can start at $1 and go as high as $100 depending on the marketplace your selling on.

Here are a few websites you can sell your sounds on:

  • AudioJungle: With over 50 million sales, AudioJungle is one of the largest music/sound marketplaces on the internet. Create an account and sell your sounds!
  • PremiumBeat: Owned by ShutterStock, PremiumBeat is similar to AudioJungle and is a great marketplace for you to sell your royalty-free music or sounds on.

#14 - Buy and Sell website URLs

Are you willing to wait months, maybe years for the possibility of making A LOT of money? If so, this method could be right for you.

Buying and selling website domains has been around for at least 25 years, and it’s still relevant today! Now, don’t expect to quit your job or plan this method as a long-term viable business, because it’s a highly competitive market.

This method is pretty straight forward. You buy website domains like www.cats.com and www.pools.com and hope that someday, someone online will reach out to you to buy the domain you own. Some will offer $100 with others much higher.

Buying and owning common or popular domain names is the trick to being successful. Owning www.poolsarecoldorwarm.com is too long and most likely won’t be bought from anybody. Who knows… maybe you might be like the owner of www.insure.com who sold the website domain for $16 million dollars in 2009!

Here are a few websites where you can buy domains from:

  • GoDaddy: The worlds most popular website hosting and domain management service.
  • HostGator: HostGator is a leading provider of secure and easy website hosting services.

#15 - flip websites (Build & Sell)

Are you experienced in building websites? Can you build websites quickly? If so, this method could be right for you.

There are thousands of people online right now that are willing to buy pre-made websites because they don’t have the time or energy to build it themselves. This is where you come in.

Creating and selling websites is a viable business and can earn you alot of money. Don’t worry about finding these people to buy your sites, because there are marketplaces online where you can sell your pre-made sites on.

There’s a certain criteria you have to follow in order to get more money for your site. For instance, domain age, user traffic, revenue, and SEO play a factor in the price of your website.

Interested? Here’s a marketplace you can sell your websites on:

  • Flippa: Is the largest marketplace for people to buy and sell websites online.

#16 - Build an Instagram Brand (Influencer)

Are you experienced in social media? Are you willing to dedicate time in building your brand or persona? If so, this method could be right for you.

Instagram marketing is a HUGE business with high earning potential. Once you have a solid amount of followers and engagement on your posts, major brands are willing to pay you for making a post specific to their product. These brands can pay $500 to $10,000+ for each post.

Choose a niche, post relevant content around it and grow your audience. Once you develop an engaged and committed group of followers, you can market yourself as an influencer.

#17 - Write And sell a Book

Are you a good writer? Do you have the patience to write thousands of words on a particular topic? If so, this method could be right for you.

I’m sure you or somebody you know joked about a time where you “could have wrote a book on it”. Well, there’s no better time than now. There are hundreds of ideas or directions you could take your book. Whether it’s educational, motivational, fictional or sports-related, you find what you’re passionate about and follow through with it.

Imagine selling your book on Amazon… well you don’t need to, because it’s easy. With Amazon Self-Publishing, they make the process simple. You can set the price, retain the rights of your book and have your book showcased on the world’s largest book seller, Amazon. For each sale you make, you’ll earn 70% with Amazon taking the rest on fees.

#18 - build a Mobile App

Do you have a good idea for a mobile app? Are you willing to put the time and effort in working with someone over seas? If so, this method could be right for you.

Smartphones are a big business and the mobile app market is an even bigger one. As of 2018, there were five billion mobile users in the world.

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two largest marketplaces for you to build your mobile app on. In 2018, there were over 194 billion app downloads. Don’t you want to be a part of that market?!

Think of an app idea, whether it’s a game or an informational app, the earning potentials are very high. Don’t worry about not knowing how to build an app, because there are websites where you can shop talented app develops and hire them for your project. If don’t want to hire an app developer, no problem there are websites that make building apps simple.

Let’s take a look at a few of these marketplaces and app building platforms:

  • UpWork: Search the largest marketplace for talented professionals ranging from app developers, to content writers, etc.
  • Appery.io: Build apps for iOS, Android and the Web with their mobile app development platform. Turn your idea into reality. They will teach you to create your own app.
  • TheAppBuilder: The App Builder is a flexible suite of Enterprise Application Development specialising in corporate employee mobile apps and enterprise mobile app platforms.
  • MobileRoadie: The first native iOS and Android app builder in history, Mobile Roadie offers you a set of cutting edge tools to build a solid app and increase your audience.

#19 - Sign online Documents (must be a certified Notary)

Do you want to get paid for reading and signing documents? Are you willing to become a certified notary? If so, this method could be right for you.

Each year, millions of documents are notarized in the USA. A notarized document is a document that has been certified by a notary public. Unsure what a notary public is? The notary public is an official who confirms the identities of the people signing the document, witnesses the signatures, and marks the document with a stamp.

Generally this is done in-person; however, the internet has opened up new opportunities for notary’s to take their services online.

#20 - Sell your household items

This is an obvious option to make money online and doesn’t need much explanation. But if you’re looking to clear out some space in your house, selling your household items can earn you some side cash.

Websites like Facebook Marketplace (Worldwide), Craigslist (USA) and Kijiji (Canada) are great ways to market your personal items and find buyers.

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